Tuesday, December 01, 2015

2014 Emissary Program


Chamber Emissaries are chosen individuals who act as messengers to advocate the Chamber of Commerce to current members. Emissaries are assigned (or can choose) a minimum of 24 member companies to which they act as a liaison for the Chamber. Companies should be chosen based on an opportunity to do business in the future. We want the member company to fall within the Emissaries natural scope of work (no hard sales) so that it is easy to place them in their natural contact rotation. This program is an effort to increase membership value and retention rates. For the Emissary, it is a chance to build a business relationship (again, no hard sales). Those chosen have already shown a strong sense of commitment and dependability by being outstanding Chamber members and are extended an invitation by the Chamber leadership, Membership division and/or the Emissary leadership, to become part of the Emissary Program.

Stay on the Emissary Message

The Chamber has something of value for all members.
The Chamber is not a “one size fits all” membership.
The Chamber helps tailor the membership to fit your needs.
The Chamber supports all business!

We don’t expect you to have all the answers; however, we do expect you to learn about the Chamber. If you can’t answer a question, ask them to come to the Chamber for a meeting with Chamber staff and you. If they will not make an appointment, let them know you will get back with them, then contact the Membership Retention Manager.

Emissary Contact Process

Contact 1 a visit from you, delivering the new plaque insert and member decal to each of your adopted members (required delivery during the month of January). The Chamber will mail these to the out-of-town members.
Contact 2 an email from you asking for updated Membership Directory information from your adopted companies. (March)
Contact 3 a phone call or email inviting them to attend an upcoming Chamber Member Orientation “Member Journey” and/or “Now That I’m a Chamber Member…?” event to meet Chamber staff and other members. (April, May or June)
Contact 4 a handwritten Thank you note thanking your adopted member for their investment in the Chamber. Bring the cards in and have them postmarked by the Chamber. (July)
Contact 5 a phone call or email inviting them to attend an upcoming “Breakfast with the President.” (September)
Contact 6 a phone call or email inviting them to attend the Holiday Open House at the Chamber in early December. All Emissaries should attend this event and meet your adopted members. (November)
Additional contacts throughout the year

The Membership Retention Manager will discuss “Emissary Talking Points” at every monthly meeting for each upcoming Chamber event, so you may suggest to your members which events would be most appropriate for them to attend.


  • Forward invitations and explain why they should attend certain Chamber events. You may do this by email or phone call.
  • Ask your adopted member if they would like to come to the Chamber for a brief tour of the building and to meet as many of the staff as possible. At this meeting, we will be happy to discuss any questions they may have about their membership. Contact the Membership Retention Manager to set up an appointment.
  • Send additional, personalized holiday cards, etc. Bring the cards in and we will postmark them at the Chamber

Duty Fulfillment Report:

Please email duty fulfillment updates to the Membership Retention Manager. These will be recorded in our database and shared with our President/CEO, Chamber leadership and Membership division.

Additional Emissary Program items:

The Chamber will email and post on its website an explanation of the Emissary Program and an introduction of all our Emissaries to its members.
All new members will be given a brief explanation about the program and asked if they would like an Emissary to contact them.
The Membership Retention Manager will invite Emissaries (on a rotating basis) to attend a meeting with adopted members for “Member Engagement.”

Download document / forms

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